Quality and loyalty

Gerätebau OldenburgWith the same care and attentio we assemble the cables and PCBs, we add the individual components together to form complete units. Again, our well trained staff use the latest technology.

In our opinion, a product is as good, as the people behind it. We identify with each unit that leaves our house.

Clean facilities, high quality tools and assembly jigs, manufacturing documents and drawings up to date – monitored by our in-house, computer-controlled quality monitoring system and implemented by qualified management personnel.

The satisfaction of our employees is reflected in their motivation and in the quality of our products.

Our production is at the highest level, flexible and efficient.

In quality and loyality, we make no exceptions.


Assembly of electronic units and devices in Oldenburg

Perfection is in the detail

As an german electronics manufacturing company, Pro-tronix offers you full service around the field of electronic equipment and assemblies – from consulting to development, component procurement, manufacturing, to delivery – all from one source!

At our production facility in Oldenburg, we build prototypes, samples and small series, as well as large production lots at competitive prices, high quality and with quick delivery times. To be able to offer you even more cost effective production, we work with qualified other manufacturers. The quality is always be overlooked, by our qualified team.

You have an in-house production or even a contract manufacturing company? Our services could be interesting for you and could bring you many benefits.

  • Intercept production peaks and thus ensure timely deliveries
  • save your own expensive staff or use them for other important projects
  • benefit from our experience


Intelligent Prototyping

From the idea to a product

We are able to advise you already at the developments of your prototypes. Many factors are to be considered already at this stage, such as cost of the resulting series product, manufacturability as well as the availability of necessary materials.

We build each prototype strictly according to your instructions and perform full functional testing and other required tests. Our goal is to build a prototype to your complete satisfaction! A good prototype is already very close to the future series product.

Fast implementation

We put great attention not only on the quality of your prototypes, we also note that the time frame is an important factor.


Pro-tronix – Electronic is our Passion

  • Kabelkonfektion Oldenburg Pro-tronixElectronics manufacturing is our Passion
  • Automated manufacturing solutions are our specialty
  • Complex assemblies are our daily business
  • Flexibility, delivery reliability and quality come first


Pro-tronix – The qualified Team


Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing alternative? Are you planning a new project? Please get in touch with us. We will advise you and offer you good partial or complete solutions.

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