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Elektronische Bauteile OldenburgAs a distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical components, we support your development and production.

Although this division of our company is still relatively young, we are expanding by a continuing  growing range of components and products.

In order to be able to offer our customers the absolute best service possible, we work with leading dealers and distributors.


Unity is strength and flexibility.

Our product range:

  • Linear and non-linear resistors
  • Capacitive and inductive components
  • Semiconductor
  • Transistors
  • Integrated Circuits
  • PCBs
  • Mechanical components

Our strengths in the procurement of electronic components:

  • Hard to get electronic and electro-mechanical components
  • Everything from a single source – active, passive and mechanical components
  • Fast acquisition of parts with usually long delivery times
  • Obsolete electronic and electro-mechanical components
  • Custom made components
  • Good international contacts
  • Small quantities for prototypes and development needs
  • Big quantities for serial production

With our own warehouse, our good contacts around the world, a high purchasing volume, as well as the cooperation with leading local retailers and distributors, we provide an optimized price orientated ratio of available components.

Electronic Components OldenburgAnother specialty of our house is the customized kitting of components and units

We gladly manage and maintain your complete materials needs, from ordering to storage.

We provide complete kits, according to your BOMs.

Please talk about your need for components with our sales department.

We are glad to help!


Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing alternative? Are you planning a new project? Please get in touch with us. We will advise you and offer you good partial or complete solutions.


Monica Gonzalez International Sales Pro-tronix

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