konventionelle Bestückung Oldenburg

Our professional qualified staff assembles conventional components on printed circuit boards. Pure conventional assemblies are rare nowadays. Therefore, we are not only specialized in pure conventional and SMD assemblies, but also on mixed assemblies. We are glad to be able to advise you on developing your PCBs, according to the availability of individual components. 

Our strengths in conventional (THT) assemblies: 

  • Accurate kitting of the required components 
  • Professional pre-assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Qualified components preparation
  • ESD-compatible handling of the components from the stockroom to packaging
  • Visual and electrical tests

Pro-tronix – Our power spectrum

Benefit of our experience

Our philosophy:

Lasting business relationships – open and honest

Our goal:

Competent partner at every stage – satisfied customers

Our market performance:

We develop, design and produce components and devices for the electronics industry.

Our strengths:

Competence in technology and a flexible and innovative customer support to meet their needs.

Customer benefits:

Everything from a single source. inexpensively, quickly and reliably in the highest quality.


Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing alternative? Are you planning a new project? Please get in touch with us. We will advise you and offer you good partial or complete solutions.

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