Functionality – Usability – Efficiency

Pro-tronix – Software development Oldenburg 

Our software department creates solutions that fits to your hardware.

We also offer easy customizable turn-key solutions. Our software is characterized by a user-friendly set-up and surface.

Substantial target in the programming of software in our house is, that the software adapts to the user and not the user has to adapt to the software.

Our philosophy in customized software development:

  • Functionality:
    Correctness, suitability, interoperability, compliance, security
  • Reliability:
    Maturity, fault tolerance, recoverability
  • Usability:
    Understandability, usability, learnability, robustness
  • Efficiency:
    Efficiency, time behavior, consumption behavior
  • Ease of maintenance:
    Analyzability, changeability, stability, testability
  • Transferability:
    Adaptability of installation, conformity, interchangeability


Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing alternative? Are you planning a new project? Please get in touch with us. We will advise you and offer you good partial or complete solutions.

Visitor XT – Visitor registration and managemente

Softwareentwickung OldenburgVisitorXT is suitable for every business or institution. The visitor registration software is based on a SQL database system. It gives you the possibility to track and register all visitors on your premises. All data can be stored and backed up and are so available for many years

Some functions:

  • Tracking visitor data (name, address, identification number, license plate, etc.)
  • Tracking visiting hours
  • Overview of current visitors with traceability
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Various filters
  • Login for Visitors
  • Document Management
  • Digital signature capture
  • Unlimited number of workstations

System requirements: Operation system Windows 7 or higher. Microsoft SQL-Server.

                                       We can help you to select the hardware components.

EasyFox ERP

The adaptive control software for medium-sized manufacturing and retail companies
EasyFox ERPMaster the daily demands on management and organization on your company with our flexible ERP solution. EasyFox ERP is a cost-effective alternative for small and medium-sized manufacturing and retail companies.

EasyFox ERP is in development and will be published in August 2015. In order to optimize and adapt the software, we are looking for a mid-sized retail company for a free trial of the full version. If interested, please contact us.

Pro-tronix – Software development Oldenburg

Bildquellen: die Logos Visitor XT und EasyFox sind Eigentum von Michael Heus